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Windows 8 / 7 / Vista/ XP

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iolo System Mechanic® - Fix, Speed Up Your PC

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Has your PC slowed down?

Sound familiar?

  • Windows takes forever to start up
  • Mysterious errors, crashes and restarts
  • Sluggish internet and download speeds
  • Trouble loading songs, videos and programs

Tired of bothering friends and family for help, or worse...hauling your PC to the local repair shop?

Like a car, without regular maintenance PCs begin to accumulate errors that cause slowdowns, crashes, and even potential system failure.

Get the most comprehensive diagnosis available, and enjoy that new PC feeling again!

You don't have to be an expert - it's easy to let System Mechanic automatically run a full battery of over 200 critical tests in just a few minutes using over 50 tools to uncover why your PC is running so slowly. Here's a quick look at the dashboard:

  • Easy to understand system overview
  • Quick or Deep analysis options
  • Comprehensive status gauge
  • Clear explanation of each problem
  • Straightforward actions to fix all problems or only those you want

You can easily perform dozens of performance-boosting optimizations in one step!

Automatically eliminate each and every root problem affecting your PC's speed and stability

To achieve maximum PC performance, a solution with a comprehensive set of tools to address each of the 9 root causes of PC slowdowns is required. System Mechanic is the only product available that resolves each and every one.

Fixes Registry errors

Safely cleans & repairs the Registry to fix problems and free up memory.

Speeds up Windows Start Time

Unclogs speed-robbing bottlenecks for up to 800% better startup speed.

Restores Stability & Performance

Diagnoses and fixes hundreds of problems for like-new reliability.

Improves your gaming experience

Play the latest high-performance games at maximum speeds.

You don't need to be an expert!

System Mechanic is able to provide the most complete approach to PC care because it integrates 50+ diagnostic, repair, and optimization features into one easy-to-use interface. Plus it leverages unique intelligence provided by iolo Labs' continuously updated Tune-up Definitions™ to custom tailor its diagnosis and repair to your specific system configuration.

Speed up your PC... and more!

More than 50 features sounds like a lot - and it is! - but System Mechanic is designed so that you can quickly get to the repairs and optimizations you need, skip those you don't, and explore as much or as little about your PC as you'd like. For example, use System Mechanic to find and remove junk and clutter, which is one of the most insidious factors in Windows performance degradation and a threat to your privacy.

System Mechanic provides complete ease and flexibility to help you speed up your PC no matter what your experience level:

Individual Tools

Such as Startup Optimizer™ and EnergyBooster™ for users who want total control.

All-in-one Tools

Such as PC Accelerator™ that supercharges your PC up to 300% by running multiple performance-enhancing and speed boosting tools at once.



Automatically and effortlessly fix and maintain your PC during idle time, keeping your system running like new.


After I ran System Mechanic the first time, I thought I had a new machine!
- John N., St. Louis, Missouri

Purchase online:
Normally $49.95
$29.95          iolo System Mechanic® - Fix, Speed Up Your PC       Save $20.00